ZEBRAS ROCK! I am obsessed!
- Trobert from New York America <noggin23 (at) aol.com>
Tue Sep 13 15:24:25 2005

I have saw a lot of things about zebras and to me they are so fascinating. I am a horse lover and i saw the new movie Racing Stripes and I have done research on them and I think they would be really cool to ride and do equestrian events with them and i am starting to want to buy one.
- Taylor from MI USA <daisylover275 (at) yahoo.com>
Sun May 22 18:24:14 2005

I downloaded some graphics and saved them on my computer. Zebras are beautiful!
- Jenny from Brooklyn USA <Fan2rhyme (at) yahoo.com>
Fri Aug 20 9:20:23 2004

- samantha from pa us <dwilliams (at) acess995>
Sun Sep 28 14:10:15 2003

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- wini from Lagos Togo <wini (at) mugu.com>
Tue Sep 23 12:36:00 2003

I really like Zeabrs
- krystal from ont Canada <@ns.lkdsb.ca>
Tue Apr 1 12:57:46 2003

I have been collecting zebras for 13 Years. I love Zebras because every one of them is unique and so am I. I would love to get feed back from some of you.
- Kandi Derrickson from Portland/ IN USA <whittneedawn (at) yahoo.com>
Mon Feb 24 13:08:30 2003

hey everyone thinks its crazy to love zebras like i do but everything is zebras for me. its cool to know that there are other “zebra lovers” out there and im not alone. im not even sure why i like them so much but i do and i’ll never stop.
- brittany from ohio USA <zebrasiluv413 (at) yahoo.com>
Tue Feb 11 20:43:58 2003

Im so much in love with zebras I like them so much,I have been collecting zebra items for 12 years and Im still trying to find more zebra items for sale.they are great animails I would love to have a real one to care for.
- kristine neal from gaylord mi USA <@>
Sat Jan 25 15:36:57 2003

- Carl Butler from Knoxville Md. USA <zebraman777 (at) msn.com>
Thu Jul 25 10:07:11 2002

This is an amazing site! The graphics and pictures are wonderful and…..well…….I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!
- Ginger Martin from Washington USA <@spider-ntc-tc034.proxy.aol.com>
Tue Jun 11 19:14:26 2002

I love ZEBRAS!!
- brittney from newbedford USA <brittnik11 (at) AOL.com>
Fri May 31 10:14:28 2002

I like your website. Since I’m studying zebras right now it has helped me. Could you help me find more websites on zebras?
- Adrian from Lakota, ND USA <@as521.polarcomm.com>
Thu Mar 14 18:39:22 2002

I love your zebra website.
I am looking for notecards with pictures like these.
Do you have any ideas?
- D. from Georgia USA <dmsumners (at) aol.com>
Wed Feb 20 9:18:10 2002

I love zeabras, ever since I was a litter girl.
I collect Zebras too! anything striped.
I enjoyed this sight very much, Hope you up date it!
- Mandy Arnold from Ill Us <zaxie69 (at) hotmail.com>
Tue Jan 29 18:00:13 2002

You have a great site with zebra pics. Much nicer than anything else I’ve come across. I’ve loved zebras ever since I first started in the zoo field, and they were the first animals I worked with. I still work with them, but at a different zoo. They’re very skittish, but quite docile with me, letting me get fairly close since they know me. Always a new experience working with them, and I wouldn’t trade the work for anything. Keep up the good work!
- Jeff from Florida USA <youngearth (at) hotmail.com>
Mon Jan 28 0:27:57 2002

Im an avid Zebra fan
- Debrah from westernAustralia Australia <brah (at) iinet.com.au>
Thu Jan 10 9:15:24 2002

Im an avid Zebra fan
- Debrah from westernAustralia Australia <brah (at) iinet.com.au>
Thu Jan 10 8:37:33 2002

Very nice Website!
Anne and Andy
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Tue Oct 2 14:41:12 2001

i love your site. its wonderful
- magen R. from tampa fl USA <nena_987 (at) hotmail.com>
Tue Sep 11 16:08:47 2001

I collect zebra stuff and love your site. Thank you!
- Nancy Fenn from Spanaway/Wa USA <nanc4953 (at) hotmail.com>
Sun Aug 26 19:20:21 2001

The story of the Wade Zebra was great. My visit to your site was very entertaining and I want to thank you for the fun! I hope you will continue updating your website.
- Reva Matthew from Portland, Oregon United States <wadesrus (at) qwest.net>
Tue Jul 10 10:01:57 2001

Terrific Zebra website! I loved the Zebra story! Keep up the good work!
- Brenda from Florida USA <huggybear (at) mindspring.com>
Sun Jul 8 20:34:22 2001

I like this site, but it could use atad bit more photos and other links. Maybe, so info too! i liked it anyways
- Whitney from TN USA <watermelonwhit (at) hotmail.com>
Tue May 15 9:16:56 2001

- jeremy lowther from pittsburgh pa usa
Mon Apr 9 12:58:54 2001

- meghan from ontareo Canada <@socks.hwdsb.on.ca>
Fri Feb 23 14:13:24 2001

- valerie from mo usa
Mon Feb 5 12:32:07 2001

You’re not alone. I have a zebra and a polar bear.
- Jack from Philly/Pa USA <dameont_r (at) yahoo.com>
Tue Jan 16 22:29:44 2001

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Thu Dec 7 5:55:07 2000

My 12 year old daughter has collected zebras as long as I can remember. I printed out the graphics and I surprise her with a new picture in her school backpack every day or so! Thanks!
- Vivian from Gainesvile, FL USA <@spider-wm083.proxy.aol.com>
Thu Nov 30 23:10:50 2000

yeah woooooooo that was well good shits and giggles bit of a laugh hahaha ……..of course only in america……
- Paul from essex uk
Sun Nov 26 9:15:56 2000

It’s great to see that there are more than the Yahoo’s listed 2 sites that offer decent Zebra photos and information! Thanks for bringing hope for humanity to a young zebraphobe, and keep up the good work!
- Zebra03 from NY USA <Multi (at) millionaireintraining.com>
Thu Jul 6 15:10:16 2000

Wow, what an amazing site…you see im a Zebra fanatic, and it was good to find so many pictures, i especially liked the graphics bit!!!!!!
- Kate from Cambridge England <angel_wings_delight (at) yahoo.com>
Wed Jun 7 19:07:45 2000

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