Floating in the aqueous space of Clear Lake, Oregon
Floating in the aqueous space of Clear Lake, Oregon

Floating in the aqueous space of Clear Lake, Oregon

Floating in the aqueous space of Clear Lake, Oregon

Oregon’s Clear Lake is located near the east end of OR-Hwy 126, about 3 miles south of the junction with OR-Hwy 20. It’s about 85 miles from Eugene, Oregon. Aptly named, Clear Lake is definitely one of Oregon’s most unique dive sites, especially since typical Oregon underwater visibility (e.g., on the coast) is often measured in inches. In Clear Lake’s northern end, it is typical to have 100-200 feet of visibility. Oh, and in case you’re thinking it would be nice to skin dive in such crystal clear waters, keep in mind that the average water temperature in Clear Lake is about 43 degrees F — and easily a few degrees cooler if you drop down into one of the many cold water vents in the north end of the lake! So, a dry suit is recommended, though plenty of people dive it in a thick wet suit. Clear Lake is at just over 3,000 feet in elevation, so it is technically considered an altitude dive. In fact, many area shops use Clear Lake for check-out dives in their altitude specialty courses.

Here are a few resources for Clear Lake:

I’ve taken quite a few photos during my many dives in Clear Lake. Click on the first thumbnail in each set to browse through all the images.

Clear Lake (Oregon), 2006

Clear Lake (Oregon), 2004

Clear Lake (Oregon), 2003


Posted by Samuel Sanders on
Hello Steve & Jen,
Thanks for posting your pictures of Clear Lake on your websight.
Debe and I recently dove Clear Lake, and our photos didn’t turn out.
When I look at your photo’s its like being there again, except its not 41 degress F in my cubical.
Posted by Mary on
Argh, I fell in there (it was 38 degrees Fahrenheit) and my muscles stopped working! D: Beautiful lake, though. Water’s good. :3
Posted by denise on
Awesome pictures. I will be doing a deep dive speciality with ESD on AUG15 and 16th. It was really nice to see these pictures.
Posted by diana hower on
we just returned from camping there and loved finding your pictures. wonderful pictures!
Posted by taylar on
wow i wish i could go there and swim i think it would be awsome!!!
Posted by sarah on
wow thats totally awesome!! have you ever done that for clear lake? i just ask because i am going there for a class field trip~~~please reply–sarah~~
Posted by Brandon Harrington on
I am a typical warm-water diver. that is oneof the reasons I travel 8 month now through SE-Asia.

Seeing this woderful pictures make me consider to dive in a colder environment again.

Thanks for sharing and always 10 bar left

Posted by admin on
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Posted by Amber on
Deadly accurate awsner. You've hit the bullseye!